Baredak Premium Services

Baredak offers a range of Premium Services to support your email marketing efforts. Our Premium Services team can assist you with a variety of tasks that include converting a word document to HTML, uploading a large list, sending out a mass email quickly, and much more. Our team can also provide one-on-one training across all Baredak operations .

Premium Services are priced per task or as hourly rates - no long-term commitments required.

Here are some of our most popular Premium Services:
• Templates

Our team can create a custom template for you that is modeled after your website, a document, or anything else you send to us for inspiration!

• Document Conversion
Our team can convert your PDF or image file into an HTML email message that's ready to send through Baredak's application. Or we can convert your HTML email into a PDF so you can easily print and distribute offline.

• Repairing Templates
The Premium Services team can repair or revise your templates as needed. Examples of what we can help with include HTML repair, image resizing, repairing tables, and changing link or background colors.

• List Assistance
We can help you reformat large files or organize your contacts so that they're easier to upload, or we can upload your contact-lists for you.

• Custom Elements
In addition to custom templates, we can also help with specific elements. For example, we can customize your footer with your logo and incorporate any colors, text, or links you'd like us to use.

• Fast Send
Let us do all the work! Baredak Premium Services team understands that you may not have time to put together the perfect message. Send us your content in text format, and we'll create the message for you. Once you approve the message, we'll send it to your contacts. You can then check the real-time results.

To learn more call our experts at 961-1-252300 or use our contact form.

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