Company Values

Building an effective email marketing platform that drives email communication for our customers is truly our company purpose. Although we live that purpose every day, each year we choose a theme to really focus in on an area of improvement within Baredak's products and services.

Wow the Customer:

We wow our customers with our product, service, and attitude. We always value our customers because their success drives ours. We are a customercentric organization, as we keep the customer in mind when making decisions.

Operate with Urgency:

We maintain a proactive bias toward action. We seek speed of implementation. We own the issue, seizing opportunity while maintaining quality. We take action "TNT" (Today not tomorrow)!

Work without Mediocrity:

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest performance standards- and poor performance is not tolerated. We engage in honest, direct, and passionate debate so that we are always learning and improving. We provide immediate honest feedback but we still make our commitments thoughtfully.

Make a Positive Wake:

We are ethical, act with integrity and follow the Golden Rule. We enjoy ourselves, have fun and are a bit wacky. We make our culture creative, energetic, and fun. We care about and report on our social and environmental impact. We build people up. As we succeed, we give back.

Engage as an Owner:

We use resources efficiently, as if they are our own. We recognize time and cash are precious, and we thus treat them as so. We enable each team member to become an owner and to understand his or her unique contribution to our company's success.
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